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Raoul Pal, Former Bitcoin Bull Says He Only Owns One Bitcoin


If the name  Raoul Pal isn’t familiar then you should know that his man was pretty famous in the Bitcoin community back then and it was all due to his reputation as a hedge fund manager and being the CEO of his own company. But recent news indicated that Pal isn’t too fond of the Bitcoin community stating that it isn’t inclusive anymore. 

Raoul Pal Claims He Only Has One Bitcoin in His Wallet

The CEO of Real Vision and former hedge fund manager of Goldman Sachs claims that he only has a single Bitcoin in his wallet. This is quite surprising since he has the capacity to buy more and Pal was well known for being a Bitcoin Bull. 

This proclamation was the result of a fight between him and  Bitcoin Strategist (self-proclaimed) named Greg Foss. His statement is hard to take literally since it could just be an exaggeration declared in the heat of the moment or if it’s really an accurate description of his digital wallet. 

His statement has garnered a lot of attention especially amongst the believers and supporters of Bitcoin. Pal’s statement has caused quite an uproar considering Pal has a strong social media presence and a good financial reputation. 

Not to mention that Pal made a name for himself in the Bitcoin community. But recently he has been taking a few hits as he did in 2017 where has been able to sell BTC for 10 times the profit and missed out on a lot of potential profit a year later. 

During their argument, Foss insulted Raoul’s calling him soft as well as adding other offensive remarks that might have hit home. Raoul’s claim of owning a single Bitcoin upset a lot of people in the community, and the majority of these people are saying that Raoul let emotion control him over logic.  Others are in agreement with the former crypto bull creating a rift between multiple people in the community. 

The argument lasted for three hours with a back forth between the two people. Eventually, Foss apologized to Paul but made sure to get the last light by saying that he has bigger battles to fight. 


This is certainly a juicy topic between two people with a large social media following. Their argument was a popcorn fest for many people and it made the community even more active than it already is. No matter who was right or wrong in this situation, you simply can’t ignore that the drama this created in the community was very entertaining. 

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