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Former Coinbase Communications Head Joins Worldcoin’s Global Expansion


Unlocking global potential: Former Coinbase exec joins Worldcoin, revolutionizing biometric crypto authentication.

Former Coinbase Communications Head Joins Worldcoin's Global Expansion img (1)
Worldcoin’s iris-scanning orb.

Elliott Suthers, previously of Coinbase, now leads communications for Worldcoin across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. With experience in both crypto and government policy, Suthers brings strategic insight to Worldcoin’s biometric crypto mission. Worldcoin’s innovative approach aims to authenticate users while preserving privacy, a key step in fostering authentic online interactions amidst rising AI sophistication.

Suthers highlights Worldcoin’s unique potential to impact billions globally, surpassing traditional crypto projects’ scope.

“No project in the world today has the potential to distinguish humans from AI online while preserving privacy, enable global democratic processes and eventually show a potential path for programs like AI-funded UBI,” Suthers said. “Most crypto projects think about their customer base in the thousands, or maybe in the millions for an exchange or DEX, Worldcoin is thinking about how it can help billions of people globally.”


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