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EU Election Results Reconfirm Key Crypto Legislators’ Seats


Reelection of EU officials pivotal in shaping crypto legislation signals continuity in regulatory direction. Expect a shift towards innovation-friendly policies.

EU Election Results Reconfirm Key Crypto Legislators' Seats img (1)
Photo: Christian Lue/Unsplash

In the recent European Union election, pivotal figures in the bloc’s crypto legislation retained their seats, promising continuity in regulatory efforts. Among them, Stefan Berger, Ondrej Kovarik, and Irene Tingali secured reelection, underscoring their significant roles in shaping crypto regulations across the 27-nation bloc.

Stefan Berger, notably the rapporteur for the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) legislation, expressed the possibility of a “slight shift to the right,” potentially emphasizing competitiveness and growth in policy formulation. Mark Foster from the Crypto Council for Innovation highlighted the critical contributions of Berger, Kovarik, and Tingali, indicating their potential retention of influential roles within the European Parliament.

Despite the electoral shift towards the right, expectations of radical change were not fully met. However, with the European People’s Party strengthening its position and left-wing groups losing influence, there’s anticipation for a more innovation-friendly framework over the next legislative term.

While crypto wasn’t a central theme in the elections, the future regulatory landscape will hinge on the commissioners’ proposed legislation. With an eye on innovation, the crypto community awaits potential advancements in blockchain policies under the new commission.


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